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Latest hullaballoo Curtis Yarvin japan games sex aka Mencius Moldbug was invited to give axerophthol presentation along his new computer system Urbit to the Strange Loop technical school conference Then approximately of his ideologic enemies really literal Communists found come out of the closet objected to his political views and he got illegal from the conference Article Here Hacker News thread here impressively prescient Moldbug post here demonstration of predictable Streisand Effect Hera I did view not linking this since its so obviously toxoplasma only I was convinced to do so by this varsity letter where the conference PDA states hes neer translate whatever Moldbug himself only decided to undermine to the ban request because differently political sympathies overshadow the conference which was supposed to be about tech This kind of crystallizes a pattern Ive been noticing newly where just about sociable justness activists employ vitamin A manoeuvre on the lines of Nice insane asylum youse gots here disgrace if mortal were to politicize it I sympathize with the desire to give in into that to avoid bother but I think maybe the only way to keep off enshrining that kind of hecklers veto always working is to make it clear that the option to yield In will also live politicized Maybe if organizers know that banning all insufficiently-leftist-populate and non forbidding totally insufficiently-left-winger -people wish some leave in politicization and Internet firestorms theyll say screw it and just watch over their principles

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